1. The goods always travel at the customer’s risk and expense, the delivery and expenses being at the customer’s expense.
  2. The signing of this document without any comment implies the explicit acceptance of the merchandise by the buyer. The reception of the goods is understood as satisfactory in quantity and quality due to its examination prior to shipment.
  3. ur prices -be them net or tariff as per customer-supplier agreement- do not include current taxes, which are billed separately. Any change or addition of new taxes will be considered of compliance with the prices -net or tariff agreed.
  4. OSCA Sistemas SLU will not accept any penalty or additional charge for a delay in the agreed delivery date, be it due to our suppliers’ delay, force majeure or other.
  5. The warranty for our products lats SIX MONTHS since the delivery date. We are compelled to repair, replace or credit any defective material during this time without other explicit or implicit responsibility.
  6. The warranty is only applicable if the allegedly defective products are in OSCA Sistemas SLU facilities to be investigated. The shipment costs and risks are the customer’s responsibility. Any warranty service out of OSCA Sistemas SLU facilities will be limited to the free of charge replacement or repair of the defective part, but labour, travel, allowances and equipment costs will be charged.
  7. OSCA Sistemas SLU is not responsible for any incorrect use or defective mounting of the products as well as for the failure or damage caused by external agents or any other cause beyond OSCA Sistemas SLU control.
  8. The return of goods to OSCA Sistemas SLU will not be admitted after thirty natural days from OSCA Sistemas SLU delivery note.
  9. The sales contract that our invoices and delivery notes document will not be perfected until the buyer has made the payment of the fixed price, so it will continue to be OSCA SISTEMAS, S.L.U. the sole owner of all the merchandise during the period between the delivery of the merchandise and its full payment.
  10. The customer renounces to any jurisdiction that may correspond, explicitly submitting itself to the Courts and Tribunals of Huesca.