A new articulated measuring arm for FaroArm arrives at Osca Sistemas

A new articulated measuring arm for FaroArm arrives at Osca Sistemas

In Osca Sistemas we already have one of the latest technological developments in the world of articulated measuring arms. With FaroArm it is now possible to capture all the measurements of a complex part, a tool or a mold mold simply by touching it.

This portable coordinate measuring machine is a market leader and some of the most important companies in the aerospace, machining and assembly, and automotive industries already choose FaroArm.

Why did we go with FaroArm's Quantum Max articulating measuring arm?

This articulating measuring arm allows us to improve quality and throughput while increasing our productivity and revenue generation. In addition, this model ensures consistency in the final results, as operators always get the same results.

In addition, it has two different mounting options and an ergonomic design that makes it easier to work with. Its rugged design features temperature and load sensors, powerful software solutions and internal balance compensation for optimal performance.

What will we use FaroArm for at OSCA Sistemas?

This tool can intervene in multiple situations, both in inspection and quality control, as in production, manufacturing and assembly or design and engineering of faster and more accurate products.

As you can see, there are many reasons to choose FaroArm and from OSCA Sistemas we are already betting on them to evolve and improve day after day.

27 Feb. 2022

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